Akklum Architecture

Akklum Architecture seeks to channel spatial aesthetics that serve our clients to enhance their quality of life and experiences. The construction or design from minimal pieces to macrosystems always has something in common and that is the service to humanity and the optimisation of our habitat here. We create mental and visual realities that transform your life.



Milena Rojas Hernández

Interior Architect & Industrial Designer
Milena Rojas Hernandez - Partner & Founder
Milena Rojas founded Akklum Architecture in 2021, after co-founding Artaffa Studio in 2001, and working as an Industrial Designer and Interior Architect in Colombia, Italy and Spain. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Product, Space and Project Design in Natural Stone, Quartzsurfaces, Ceramics and Glass. She has worked, among others, as Design Director in Alfagres S.A in Colombia. Design Laboratory Director in the Italian Multinational System Ceramics S.p.A, Colombia - Italy. Consultant in the Lajanatur Group, Geser and Quartznature of Toledo - Spain, in the area of Design, Projects, Marketing, Photography and Web of Quartz products and Surfaces. Editor of Interior Design Projects in Habitissimo, Mallorca - Spain. Director of the Habitat Line in Artaffa Studio, Colombia - Spain. Her vision of creativity and design "Designing is the art of learning and reinventing every day in the service of others. I am a creative and technical channel where these two worlds, the imagination and the human world, converge". Currently as Founder & Partner of Akklum Architecture in Malaga - Spain, she projects R+D+i in: New Visualisation Techniques and Space Concepts planned for 2023 - 2025.
Diana Martinez Alvarez co-founded Artaffa Studio in 2001, and has worked as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Marketing in USA, Colombia and Spain. Graphic Designer from CUN Corporacion Universitaria Nacional, Bogotá-Colombia; Master in Editorial Design & Graphic Arts from UPV, Valencia-Spain, and Illustrator Empirical Artist. She has developed her professional career as a creative at Artaffa Studio, in graphic design , web and digital editorial, digital illustration, thematic and colour. As well as with her own clients, such as Horizonte Magazine in Houston, U.S.A, in the layout of the magazine. Also in Saimata Group in Marketing & Business Administration. Parallel to creation of more than 110 webpage projects until today. Since 2014 he has been working on the design of the Watercolour Series, which are the illustrations with which Artaffa Studio is launching its products and services in Europe. She is currently working in Creative Management and Marketing of the Gourmet Line of products of the Gourmet Line ( Olive Oil - Oil Of Thrones ), and textile products of the Chromia Line and NFT market ( Fashion, Gourmet, Home). She researches the Spanish market and projects the R+D+i of the online shop: Artaffa Store.

Diana Martinez Alvarez

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Sergio Torres Salazar

ceo a dos estudio - civil engineer
Civil Engineer from the University of Santo Tomas, Bogota -Colombia. He has more than 5 years of experience in design - creation and construction of architectural proposals. Currently founder and CEO of A-DOS-ESTUDIO. Civil Engineer from the University of Santo Tomas, Bogota -Colombia. He has more than 5 years of experience in design - creation and construction of architectural proposals. Currently founder and CEO of A-DOS-ESTUDIO.
Architect of the Corporación Universitaria del Meta-Colombia with a Degree in Design and evaluation of projects. - Certification in Costs and budgets for buildings I in the National Learning System-Colombia - International Autodesk Certification in Architectural design BIM/REVIT Naska Digital. - Atuodesk certification in BIM 360 document management by Naska Digital. - Atuodesk Certification in BIM fundamentals Simulation and coordination in Naviswork Manage 2022 Naska Digital. 5 years of experience in design and creation of architectural proposals focused on client experience through modelling and rendering of medium scale projects. - Currently Co-Founder of A Dos Estudio - Architecture and design in Colombia. She projects innovative ideas for spaces using cutting-edge 3D visualisation techniques.

Monica Corrales

founder & architect a dos estudio
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